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Brand Development

Developing distinctive brands that people love

Whether you manage a billionaire brand or a fresh start-up, developing and nurturing your brand can have a huge impact on your business. 


We’ve created the InnoSense Brand Wheel, which

  • sets the strategic foundation of the brand

  • defines who the brand serves, why, what it stands for and how it should make customers feel. 

  • synthesises everything in an easy-to-use diagram that can be quickly shared with colleagues and partners. 


But where do we start? The task can be daunting. 


That’s why we have developed a straightforward approach that gets the job done, whether you are repositioning your brand or doing this for the first time. 

brand wheel.png

Step 1: Immersion 

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We download all available information about your brand: advertising, website, competition, quantitative and qualitative research, etc.

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We conduct interviews with your key stakeholders and your customers to understand what deeply connects them to your brand.

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We identify convergent and divergent points of views.

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We summarise everything in a brand audit.

Step 2: Creating your Brand Wheel

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We run a workshop with your team to work on every section of the wheel.

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We use a motivation map to position your brand emotionally, and the 12 brand archetypes to define a clear personality. 

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A few days later, we come back with your brand wheel.

Each part of the wheel is illustrated and explained to leave no room for ambiguity.

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