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Innovation is fundamental to grow your brands, but not every innovation works. 


A successful innovation needs to meet the functional, social and emotional needs of a specific audience. 


The real magic happens when customers are surprised and delighted with something unexpected. This is what makes them fall in love with any new product or service. 


We work with you to create innovation that forges an unbreakable, long lasting bond with your customers. 


What do we do?

We work on all types of innovation.
Product & Packaging
Retail & Services 
Full innovation sprints

5 day ideation process, including prototyping.

Customised innovation sessions

Generate a broad range of ideas, claims or concepts for innovation or makeover.

Co-creation workshops

With creative marketing peers from other businesses. 

With creative consumers.

Innovation post launch accelerators

Review of most recently launched innovations to improve, accelerate growth or pivot.

The innovation path

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How are we different?

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We make innovation easier.

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We use simple innovation processes and established tools.

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Our innovations are rooted in deep human insights.

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We bring your target audience to life through personas, so you can always keep your customers in mind.

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We identify clear customer painpoints and start up ideas, so you know what problems you need to solve.

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All our workshops can be done online and in person.

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