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Human Insights

“Seeing within”

Data can tell you a lot about your audience: their age, what they buy, where they live, etc. What it does not tell you is why humans are human, why they do what they do. That’s why we need human insights. 

Human insights gives you a new understanding of your customers by listening and observing with empathy.

It’s about walking in your customers’ shoes to bring a new meaning to their motivations, preferences, and decisions, and being clear on what the TENSIONS are.

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What do we do?

Data replay

Bringing a fresh eye and helping clarify what you know, don’t know and what the possibilities are. 

In-depth qualitative research

Bridging the empathy gap with ethnographic research, communities and one-to-one interviews to identify what deeply motivates your audience and why. 

Qualitative co-creation

Co-creating ideas with consumers to bring to life compelling products and brand communication.

Quantitative research 

We partner with “quant gurus” to cover all your basic quantitative research needs – audience profiling and segmentation, claims and concept screening. 

How are we different?

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We are not tied to a specific methodology, and with our external partners and experts we can design the research that meets your needs.

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We create clear narratives that underpin the what, the why and the how.

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We bring your audience to life through personas, consumer videos and much more, so you can genuinely connect with your customers. 

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