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Hands-on training: fun team building


Marketing isn’t just about being creative. There are fundamental principles marketers need to master. InnoSense equips marketers with the best tools to develop successful innovation, communication and brand building. 


“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” 

Dalai Lama 

Training Programs 

Insight Generation 

Learn what an insight is and how to turn data, facts and consumer stories into an insight. 

Concept writing 

Learn how to write a concept that delights consumers. 


Learn how to structure, bring to life and deliver a story. Improve your communication skills. 

Brand positioning 

Learn the building blocks of Brand Positioning and how to use them to develop a new brand or reposition an existing brand. 

Future Mindset 

Ignite changes in behaviour to be strategic and forward-looking

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Whether they take place in person or online, our workshops are effective, interactive and fun!

Online Workshops


We are experts in online workshop facilitation.

From the comfort of their home or work office, people all over the globe can meet instantly, ideate and create with no borders between them.

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In Person Workshops


Are you more inspired by building and creating face-to-face? Get your hands dirty with us and stimulate your imagination through the 5 senses in a unique environment.

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Our difference? 

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Our training programs are designed around you. They are customised to your business and category. 

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Our training programs are learning workshops: we take a real business case and train you on how to resolve it. As a result, you not only learn new skills; you have also done the work.

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Learning is fun. Our training programs are in workshop format – creative, interactive and easy. 

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